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    Instructions for Form BIS, Statement of Ultimate Consignee and All information must be typed or legibly printed in each appropriate Block or Box. Block 1: Ultimate Consignee. The Ultimate Consignee must be the person abroad who is actually to receive the material for the disposition stated in Block 2. out Form BIS Section 2 heck ‘A’ if the ultimate consignee is the goods for internal use only and will not be sold heck ‘ ’ if the ultimate consignee re-sells the goods within the country from Section 1, if so, provide the end-use by the customer heck . BIS (Statement by Ultimate Consignee and BISP (Notification of Delivery Verification Requirement) BISP (Delivery Verification Certificate) BISP (International Import Certificate) BISP (Report of Request for Restrictive Practice or Boycott - - Transaction) BISP (Report of Request for Restrictive Practice or Boycott - - Multiple Transactions. The BIS mission is to protect U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economic interests by the unauthorized export/reexport of items subject to the Export Administration Act and Regulations. Our priority areas of concern are: (BIS) or make your own on company letterhead with the same data. INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIS EXPORT FORM PERSONAL USE. Rebreathers are controlled devices and are considered for military and commercial application (Dual Use) by countries that have established agreements in place. Misuse of export procedures can be disastrous for the exporter by arrest, fines, and loss of privileges by violated countries. Instructions on Form BIS are described below. The ultimate consignee and may sign a legible copy of Form BIS It is not necessary to require the ultimate consignee and to sign an original Form BIS, provided all information contained on the copy is legible. (b) the document. (1) The ultimate consignee and must complete either a statement on company letterhead, or Form BIS, Statement by Ultimate Consignee and as described in paragraph (c) of this section. Unless otherwise specified, any reference in this section to “Statement by Ultimate Consignee and applies to both the statement on company. FORM. BIS FORM APPROVED UNDER OMB CONTROL NO. , Information furnished herewith is subject to the provisions of Section 12(c) of the Export Administration Act of , as amended, 50 U.S.C. app (c) and its unauthorized disclosure is prohibited by law. DATE RECEIVED (Leave Blank) STATEMENT BY ULTIMATE CONSIGNEE AND. at the bottom of the Login to SNAP-R page and follow the instructions. BXA, Import/End User Certificate, Technical Specification, Nuclear (see above). Subforms are generally equivalent to the sections of BIS's hardcopy license application form, Form BIS P. Within SNAP-R, subforms include the Status and Contact Data.

    Home Home. Enhanced Content - Document Print View. In response to the proposed rule, BIS received eight public comments. However, if an end user is also an ultimate consignee on the license application, then that end user would be subject to applicable support document requirements. BIS did not receive any public comments on this topic. The Public Inspection page may also include documents scheduled for later issues, at the request of the issuing agency. In order to address these concerns, commenters provided different suggestions. Enter the requested information and sign the statement in ink. An exception will not be granted contrary to the objectives of the U. The signing official may be located in the United States or in a foreign country. Because the information obtained through the pertinent support documents is collected elsewhere, there is no need for regulated entities to come into compliance with any regulatory requirements. They stated that the proposal would eliminate an outdated, burdensome requirement that creates red tape and obstacles for U. This final rule eliminates the requirement for obtaining a Delivery Verification in conjunction with a license application submitted to BIS. Health and Human Services Department.

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