While they enjoy the finer fashion designers—Armani, Prada, and Hugo Boss—their lack of sustainable income unless they come from money or are attached to a wealthy daddy-husband , means they typically cannot afford to splurge their college funds on fashion. View all All Photos Tagged twink. In fact, the term twink originates from a popular junk food—The Twinkie. Zac Efron--All American Twink. Like Bears, Twinks tend to travel in groups, and while not as physically dangerous as a pack of Bears, they are known for razor sharp tongues capable of verbally ripping anyone to shreds. However, there are some standard past times of this younger set of gay men. Twinks and those that gravitate toward them are an eclectic group of individuals. And, due to their age, most are enrolled in college. What Do Twinkies Do in the Box? The Details: Ephemeral Skye. Grab the demo to try first. I stepped on something.. Drive with the Metro here: Paris Eiffel.

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