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    Lesson plans, unit plans, and classroom resources for your needs. Browse or search thousands of free teacher resources for all grade levels and inauguration. Inauguration Day -- Facts and Fun Activities Inauguration Day -- Facts and Fun Activities Incorporate this printable into your lessons about the Presidential election process as a way to help students gain a better of how our democracy works. Fourth Grade Activities Help your fourth grader fall in love with all over again with these creative fourth grade activities that cover a wide range of topics and subjects. Guided inauguration. Dec 18,  · Inauguration Day Worksheets Every four years in January, a United States president is inaugurated. Celebrate with various activities and worksheets, pages, color by numbers, connect the dots, prompts, acrostics, and more. Make school supply list easy! Meet the 44th president of the United States: Barack Obama. This worksheet dives into modern U.S. history with an biography. After students will identify many Barack Obama facts and details as they complete a few fill-in-the-blank sentences. Included: Activities in which students write letters to the president, create presidential portraits, complete an inauguration trivia hunt, and much more! an inauguration ceremony, the new president takes the Oath of Office from the chief justice of the United States. The inauguration festivities include an inaugural parade and numerous balls. Many Web sites will provide the latest information about inaugural ceremonies. Free Educational Fourth Grade Games and Apps for Kids. Pre-K GRADE K GRADE 1 GRADE 2 GRADE 3 GRADE 4 GRADE 5 GRADE 6+ GRADE 4. Grade 4 Common Core Standards. Letters Numbers Holiday Strategy Skill. Advertisement | Go Ad-Free! ABCya uses cookies in order to offer the best experience of our inauguration. Presidential Inauguration Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans: Inauguration Day: Inauguration Day: Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade: Multiplication Division Main Idea Cause and Effect Measurement Decimals Order of Operations Verbs Community Helpers. A democracy is built upon elections! Use these lessons, printables, and activities on the electoral process to teach your students about politics, history, and civil rights. Whether you're focused on the Presidential election or local elections, we have resources to help your students .

    This section can provide you a wealth of resources ranging from lesson plans, various charts and maps, or just some fun information and facts about how our government was created and how the individual elected officials are chosen. Trending Puerto Rico Hand out this printable student work sheet with the uncorrected text for students to find errors of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, or grammar. Clay Animation. In this activity, students will create a stop motion animation by creating a clay figure and taking a series of digital photographs. Even with experienced teachers, content area expertise is not going to do the trick; we need to reach out to experts. Biography of Barack Obama. Both Spanish and English are spoken in Puerto Rico. Icy Super Slide. Search Search. Countries II. It includes interesting facts and fun activities related to the presidential inauguration day in the United States. Inauguration Day Color by Numbers. Superhero Research Project. What Is Child Labor? Children research and make a timeline of an inspiring woman in this biography activity.

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