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    AU Sans and Papyrus X reader Your life has been relatively normal for a while now. You have a good education, a decent job, and a beautiful house. One day, you wake up to find a strange artifact on your nightstand. Later that same day, Monsters return to the surface after trapped in the underg. ! FEELS. So I made Ink Sans x Reader and it's another angst XD. I am sorry. Okay here it is. Title: I Will Draw For You•Y/N POV•. Ink Sans x Reader dirty_little_fanfricker. Summary: Characters DO NOT belong to me. Ink! Sans belongs to: Comyet. Work Text: You hear a crash upstairs and hurries up the stairs to the room it came from. “Oh shoot!!” You hear as heavy sigh from the room. You peek in and see Ink at a . Aug 24,  · Undertale Ink! Sans x Reader- Colours of Emotions. My first Undertale AU x Reader!It was a regular weekend for you, the sun was birds were and the flowers On days like these, people like you, like to spend the day out and go for a walk. Ink! Sans (c) to its rightful owner, I don't own him or the AU. Read Ink!Sans X Reader | Honeymoon from the story [LEMONS] "Sans X Reader" 💟 by JamieTheFallenFairy (Jamie) with 3, reads. sciencesans, sans, outersans. Ja Reviews: Yes, all the artist Skele. - Mod Sync. Ink Sans - Absolutely, % doesn’t mind how much you ramble on about your art/stories. In fact he might encourage it even more. He loves about from your creative self. Read Ink! Sans x Reader from the story AU Undertale one-shots by DJWinterWolf with 17, reads. papyrus, shot, one. You were thorough the woods by Mou Reviews: UnderLust Sans x Female Reader (Lemon) UnderLust Papyrus x UnderTale Sans (Lemon) Chara x Suicidal Male Reader (Fluff) Ink Sans x Reader (Lemon) A/N. One Shots -Undertale- (Fluff and Lemons) ~Requests Open~ Ink Sans x Reader (Lemon) All of the Sanses ALL BUSY ~Reader's P.O.V~.

    Undertale amino need more writer so , writershub curatorreview fanfiction fanfic oneshot Satanicart This fabulous Art is not mine!! Published: Aug 24, Then the wind suddenly died down, so your pace slowed down into a speed walk. Sitting down to talk, draw, or even just chill. This made the skeleton artist blush harder, "U-uh I don't know if I can draw again or not, without her, I lost my determination to continue living, to draw, to feel love XD nice to meet you btw, Im Olivia. I'm not even THAT pretty V -In his realm- I was sick, really sick. You nod slowly, slightly embarrassed. Not again!! I've just gotten I little sick is all, but I should be able to see you next weekend kay.

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