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    MITEL VOICEMAIL QUICK REFERENCE. 2 Set Availability state. 3 Re-assign extension 4 3Set password 5. To check voice mail from an external phone 1 Dial your voice mail number. 2 Enter your extension. 3 Enter your password. 4 Press #. To Messages At the Main Menu prompt, press 1. The voice. INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR MITEL VOICE MAIL TO SET UP YOUR VOICE MAIL OUTSIDE: 1. Dial Voice Mail Ext The system will now prompt you through user options you to TO LEAVE A QUICK MESSAGE FROM YOUR PHONE: Dial the Voice mail Ext When system answers dial * and the mailbox number TO EXIT SYSTEM PRESS – 9. Title: NUPOINT VM FINALFile Size: KB. Index V W Voice Mail User Guides 55 Calls, 23 Voice Messages Welcome 1 56 Wrap-Up Timer, 62 55 to 56 Volume Levels 11 Volume Levels, 11 Mitel® Telephone User Guide – Issue 3, February Page Page Page Page Mitel® Telephone User Guide – Issue 1, November Page i Notice This guide is released by Mitel Networks Corporation an d provides information necessary to use the Mitel Telephone. The guide contents, which reflect current Mitel standards, are subject to revision or change without notice. Mitel Telephone User Guide SHARE THIS DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT Can't find the version you are for or found a documentation error? Mitel® Communications Platform Telephone Quick Reference Guide. This guide provides information for frequently used features. For more information about these and other features, refer to the user guide. For voice mail information, refer to the voice mail user guide for your system. No. Name Description 1. Handset. Mitel Digital Phone User Guide 1. Handset 2. LCD Display 3. Indicator i. Rapidly – you have an call ii. Slowly – you have a message iii. On – you are on a call iv. Off – your phone is idle 4. Feature Buttons – explanation of these buttons is show in the grid below 5. Dial pad Buttons 6. To save the press # or Mitel ® Telephone User Guide – Issue 3, February (Up) to increase the volume or press (Up) and (Down) simultaneously. Handset volume 11 cannot be saved. (Up) or (Down) or 1 to 9 to listen to tones.

    Call Features Transferring Calls You can transfer calls to other extensions or external numbers. NOTE You must be using the feature to change the volume level. Do not unplug the telephone during the upgrade. This code is used for all calls made from your telephone until it is disabled. To use the speakerphone: While on hook, dial To use Call Logging: 1. Sign In OR. Page 4 Answering Calls Lift the handset, or press Speaker to answer a call while using a headset or to answer a call in Handsfree Mode. Page 8 Telephone Usage This equipment is not for connection to the telephone network or public coin telephone service. A confirmation tone is played and the call is pulled back to your telephone. Print page 1 Print document 92 pages. After the tone, make your announcement, and then hang up.

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