Here are six unusual signs of heart disease -- and what you can do to protect yourself. Prevention If you have one or more risk factors for a heart attack, you should see your doctor regularly. Alvarez says BPA "could create too much estrogen or block the effects of its benefits. Do this. About Search for:. With good medical therapy and healthy lifestyle changes, both sexual dysfunction and heart disease can be avoided. These are some of the risk factors and heart attack red flags to look out for. A heart attack is physically caused by the blockage of one or more coronary artery. If you live with someone who smokes or are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke, you can also experience an increased risk of a heart attack. While an impending sense of doom is not a unique heart attack symptom, if you have an impending sense of doom, you should see a doctor. Being cognizant of the early signs could end up saving your life. Men live with the greatest risk factor for heart disease, too, and only about 25 percent of men have met the federal guidelines for physical activity, according to Health. A study from Emory University in Atlanta found that the obstructed airways in people who have sleep apnea or snore were linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

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