Water safety is extremely important, especially during the summer months when so many activities include water, such as swimming, diving and boating. Pedestrians can make themselves easy targets in parking lots. Precipitation and freezing temperatures can form icy, dangerous surfaces on roadways and sidewalks. How Much Does Security Cost? Our team of ,plus security professionals are positioned to succeed because they are backed by the resources that come from being the largest private security services company in North America. When violence breaks out in the workplace, you are faced with three options: run, hide or take action Each year, fire kills more Americans than all other natural It was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record A simplified answer to the question of why employees steal is explained by the theft triangle. Successful Safety Programs Start with Leadership! Construction projects can be a major disruption to your business and cause significant security concerns for tenants and visitors Each year, security directors struggle to increase budgets, even when there is an enhanced need for security. Summer months are full of unexpected fun, and unfortunately, sometimes unexpected hassles, such as insect bites and sunburn. Many metropolitan hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges.

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