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    Nov 07,  · Why is my bf phone there are restrictions you from the call tell me how can I find out who's been me from a restricted number someone my phone . The only call we can place from her phone is to my phone - I’m the main line on the Please advise best way to fix this, we are hopeful not to have to factory reset. Tags (1). Once you have set up there are three ways to start a call from within the Verizon Messages (Message+) app: Go to the Dialer in the app to enter the phone number to call Go to Contacts to pick a person or business to call. Welcome to Verizon Wireless; were sorry the number you have dialed has restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call. It's a great way to fool someone into there's a problem with the system or like that/5(1). Nov 11,  · My friend recently changed his phone number (he has Verizon), he can receive calls from everyone but me. When I call I get the message "the number you have called has restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call Announcement 19 Location Can anyone explain to me why I. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by possible matches as you type. for a while now (about 9 months) i have been unable to call my friend. whenever i try, the phone once and says a long the lines of "this number has restrictions that prevent the completion of this call, switch ". Mar 04,  · I get a verizon restriction when I call a number. The announcement is about a restriction" and ends with "announcement 19 . Due to inactivity, your session has expired. Please sign in again to continue. OK.

    However the voice quality may vary depending on the type of device and the strength of your wireless connection. My daughter is in another state an no one can call her. When you pull a call to your Palm, tablet or smartphone, it creates a new call record that will be billed based on the device you're using. I received a restricted call and I marked the date and time of the call. The persons phone service could be suspended from not paying their bill on time. New posts Trending Search forums. She can call anyone else so I am not sure why she's getting this. OK Due to inactivity, your session has expired. Tags 1. Thread starter poppertop45 Start date Apr 25, Tags Verizon. Yes, any device connected to your smartphone's phone number and has an internet connection will ring at the same time. Troubleshooting Why can't I make or receive calls? New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Community Question: Have you "cut the cord? Favorite Answer.

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