Many jobs will have to be farmed out to specialty shops; those with the special knowledge and equipment to do the job. Colors and treatments applied to the panels from the factory should be considered. After college, Billy decided to pursue his passion and accept a position as a paint and body technician at White Post Restorations. There are virtually no deficiencies in the quality of the parts that were actually restored. Often a restoration once started is left unfinished and the car and parts can be purchased for a fraction of their worth. Aging artwork Anastylosis Arrested decay Architecture Cradling paintings Detachment of wall paintings Desmet method Historic paint analysis Imaging of cultural heritage Inpainting Kintsugi Leafcasting Lining of paintings Mass deacidification Mold control and prevention in libraries Overpainting Paper splitting Radiography of cultural objects Reconstruction architecture Rissverklebung Textile stabilization Transfer of panel paintings UVC-based preservation VisualAudio. Even genuine New Old Stock factory panels may require panel beating skills to fit. Henderson bought his '28 Ford with 80 years of body and paint wear but decided only to bring the vehicle back to running condition and left the exterior as it was. Redirected from Automobile restoration. A car's owner may wish to have a panel or portion of the car entirely painted when in fact it may have come from the factory with undercoating or other coating applied to one side, which may be less attractive than a smoothly finished and painted panel. Exceeding customer expectations these past two decades is what has allowed us the repeat high profile customers and spare-no-expense experience we have today. Tel: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Examples of this include leather seat, dash, console, steering wheel, door panel, and trim repair, as well as re-dyeing. All of us at White Post are pleased to carry on the legacy of exquisite craftsmanship that began over 75 years ago.

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