Despite positive reviews, The New York Times reporter Dorothy Kilgallen commented, "everybody should get out of town because the hillbillies are coming! She also survived a near-fatal car accident in The Washington Star magazine praised her stage presence, commenting, "She creates the moods through movement of her hands and body and by the lilt of her voice, reaching way down deep in her soul to bring forth the melody. The crash happened here in the early spring—March 5, Her death was a terrible loss to the entire music industry, but millions of records. When Cline's watch was recovered from the crash site,. Most female country music vocalists stand motionless, sing with monotonous high-pitched nasal twang. IoT support integration of made me feel more. According to Howard, "I was in awe of Patsy. Green Bay Press Gazette. According to Mary Bufwack and Robert Oermann, Cline became "obsessed" with the program at a young age. The lights at the destination Cornelia Fort Airpark were kept on throughout the night, as reports of the missing plane were broadcast on radio and TV. Luckily and a bit spookily , Patsy had just finalized her will months before she was killed. Utah Shakespeare Festival. In , the local government approved the placing of markers within the town denoting it as the birthplace of Cline.

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