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    When a visit to the physician’s office is for administration of a medication or chemotherapy agent, only the provider administered drug (“J-code”) for the medication and the administration code () will be paid. Apr 13,  · It all depends on the ryloa.linkpc.net the B12 injection, report the administration with (Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection [specify substance or drug]; or intramuscular). Include J (Injection, vitamin B cyanocobalamin, up to mcg) for the vitamin B itself. In the end, if the office visit was significant and separately from the injection, you . Jul 02,  · For example, a B12 injection would be entered with Code: (SC/IM) and II Code: J (Vitamin B up to 1, mcg). For coders or medical billers, be aware that when up your II medication codes, you must also enter national drug codes (NDC) information in order for claims to be. code and description. J - INJECTION, VITAMIN B CYANOCOBALAMIN, UP TO MCG. LCD Description. Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin, B12) is an essential vitamin necessary for cell maturation and neurologic function. B12 deficiency may be caused by several pathological and post-surgical conditions and its presence can be assessed by B12 serum assays. Code: J Code Description: Injection, vitamin b cyanocobalamin, up to mcg. Code J Injection, vitamin b cyanocobalamin, up to mcg Drugs administered other than oral method, chemotherapy drugs J is a valid code for Injection, vitamin b cyanocobalamin, up to mcg or just “ Vitamin b12 injection ” for short, used in Medical care. Aug 18,  · re: Administration of J Code. We are that the 2 units are J, J Should the dx for j be (pernicious anemia or excessive daytime tiredness) for J allowable? thank you. Jan 01,  · Source Code. Target NDC Code. J INJECTION, VITAMIN B CYANOCOBALAMIN, UP TO MCG. ⇄. VITAMIN B12 (VIAL) MCG/ML. Jun 23,  · What are the correct codes for the administration of B12, and the B12 itself? I've been J for the B12, and for the admin, for lack of a better code.

    Toggle navigation. Z Other specified malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissue D A Histiocytic sarcoma C Utilization of certain chemotherapy drugs Pemetrexed Disodium Alimta? B12 injection in the office. Or per NCCN: Used in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone for transplant candidates with progressive solitary plasmacytoma or smoldering myeloma asymptomatic that has progressed to active symptomatic myeloma as primary chemotherapy C The physician would also not report as this would not be covered as an incident to service. CPT code - , , , - - office visit code. A2 Mature B cell leukemia C Cross Reference Code 4 Description. FL 42 - Revenue Code Required. Oral replacement of vitamin B12 is the treatment of choice in most cases of deficiency. CPT indicates these services typically require direct supervision for any or all purposes of patient assessment, provision of consent, safety oversight, and intra-service supervision of staff. Action Code Description. This isn't a client, I discovered it when reviewing a relataives EOB.

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