• Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working - Reset or Slow? [ FIX]

    I'm a series on prime video fire stick and at the end of each episode the little "up next" box pops up in the bottom right corner with the next episode but it doesn't automatically play. The episode just ends and then it returns back to the show page on the prime app. The most recent problem is Fire Stick stuck in a re boot loop to update files says it will take 10 min. After all sources, the most common cause is dirty connections.. first try plain alcohol and q tip and dry. Hold down the right side of the circle button and the back button (U-turn button) at the same time for about 10 seconds. When prompted, reset to factory I . My fire stick will not load the main (home page).Also cant find any of my apps. Any suggestions? My fire stick remote won't control the tv. Replaced batteries and My Expert answered my question promptly and he resolved the issue totally. This is a great service. I am so glad I found it I will definitely use the service again if. Many users have suggested another quick fix for an Amazon Fire Stick Remote that isn’t simply down the home button. You’ll need to hold this button down for at least 5 seconds; this should start the Bluetooth process. May 04,  · your remote is normally and your device is not frozen, follow these steps to restart FireStick: 1. On the home window of FireStick, you will find the menu options on the top (press the Home key on your remote to go to the home window) Select 2. Now go ahead and navigate to My Fire TV and click it. 3. Firestick frozen on home screen. Ok so I got a Firestick a few weeks ago and did the whole install kodi on it. It was fine and then out of no were it completely stopped It is frozen on the home screen and my remote doesn't even function with it. I called Amazon and they said they would replace it. Jan 22,  · I have three fire sticks in the house. One has just become totally unresponsive to its remote, so it it stuck on the home page. I do not know if the fault is with the remote or the stick itself. batteries in the remote did not help. It looks to me like each remote conrtols only the stick it came with, so I cannot use another one. Dec 05,  · If your device froze completely, move on to the next two methods. Nevertheless, here’s how to restart Fire Stick your remote: Go to your Fire Stick Home page. To get to the Home page press the Home button on your remote.

    You can download YouTube from the Appstore. Under no conditions try to re set to factory settings.. Once rebooted, FireStick may take a few minutes to power up. Tried this and it absolutely worked! Why do the remotes suddenly stop responding and how do we fix it. Now, scroll down a bit and choose Restart 4. My Amazon fire stick has adverts on bottom and left hand side of screen comING on and off every 10 seconds. Note do not lay on the remote. Can anyone help? I unplugged my fire stick and now it will not come back on So I unplugged it overnight still not working you can get as far as setting but will not Launch can you please help. I will definitely call them up and see what they say about this problem. Roy did you manage to fix this? No audio and no video.

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