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    incision of the capsule. split capsule over the femoral neck anteriorly. dissect off the intertrochanteric ridge one centimetre inferiorly & one centimetre superiorly. insert a small, pointed Hohmann retractor extracapsularly onto the anterior part of the acetabular rim to expose fracture. fracture is the most common type of intracapsular neck of femur ryloa.linkpc.net fracture line extends through the junction of the head and neck of femur. Classification. Although many classifications are proposed Garden classification and Pauwel classification are generally followed from a practical point of view as these two systems take into consideration the stability of the fractures. Dec 11,  · The standard of care for a displaced fracture where the blood supply is disrupted involves the femoral head (hemiarthroplasty or a total hip arthroplasty). If there’s no displacement Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. These are displaced, truly fractures. The fracture line follows the border of the articular cartilage. As these fractures are intracapsular, the blood supply to the femoral head is disrupted in most cases. X-rays are taken in two planes at 90° to one another. The lateral view is obtained by the so-called cross-table view. Consequently, displaced intra-capsular fractures disrupt the blood supply to the femoral head and, therefore, the femoral head will undergo avascular necrosis (even if the hip is fixed). Patients with a displaced intra-capsular fracture therefore require joint replacement (arthroplasty), rather than fixation/5.

    On an AP fluoroscopic view, assess the inclination of the fracture line. Conflict of interest Dr. The femoral neck is the most common location for a hip fracture. In this article, we will look at the classification, anatomy, clinical and radiological features, and management of neck of femur fractures. Patients with a displaced intra-capsular fracture therefore require joint replacement arthroplasty , rather than fixation. In general these injuries are seen in two distinct populations: a young, healthy, active individuals such as recreational runners, endurance athletes, or military recruits; and b the elderly who have osteoporosis. Femoral neck stress fracture is a rare cause of anterior hip pain and hence diagnosis could be significantly delayed. Please Note: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Hip fractures are particularly dangerous for older adults. Pre-reduction Garden classification is based on the pre-reduction displacement of the femoral head. Causes of Hip Pain and Treatment Options.

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