• Carotid Duplex: Purpose, Procedure, and Preparation

    Carotid duplex ultrasound: An procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to view the carotid arteries to determine if there is This is the most common test utilized to evaluate for the presence of carotid artery disease. Carotid Artery Duplex Scan What is a carotid artery duplex scan? You have 2 carotid arteries in your neck that blood from your heart to your brain. The test may also look at the vertebrobasilar artery. This artery also blood to your brain. Your healthcare provider uses a device called a transducer to make pictures of the arteries. Your doctor may recommend a carotid duplex ultrasound if they suspect carotid artery disease, in which the carotid arteries in your neck become narrow or blocked. Reduced blood flow through these arteries is a major risk factor for stroke. The test may be used to evaluate an unusual sound heard a physical exam or as preoperative. You don't need any special care after a carotid artery duplex scan. You may go back to your usual diet and activities unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Your healthcare provider may give you other instructions, on your situation. A carotid duplex scan is a simple and painless test that combines two types of ultrasound to look for blockages in your carotid arteries. An ultrasound is a type of scan that uses sound waves to Author: Danielle Moores. Duplex assessment of a right external carotid artery increases in peak systolic velocity. EDV, end-diastolic velocity. Materials and Methods Patients. We retrospectively compared carotid angiograms and the extracranial duplex scans of patients evaluated at our institution from April to April In all patients carotid artery. I had a carotid duplex ultrasound because my right carotid artery doesn't go The cardiologist had said he thought it was more than a tortuous artery, but wanted to rule out an aneurysm. He called and said is fine. I didn't think to ask him if the tortuous artery is more likely to collect plaque. I did ask for the.

    Payal Kohli, M. Management of asymptomatic carotid atherosclerotic disease. Clogged carotid arteries have trouble delivering oxygen and nutrients to vital brain structures that are responsible for your day-to-day functioning. The short of it is that someone can fall into one of two camps: secure or insecure. This scan has no risk from radiation. Your doctor may also listen to the blood flow in your neck and will measure your blood pressure. Cerebrovascular Diseases. You may need this scan if your healthcare provider thinks you may have: A blockage in a carotid artery Narrowing stenosis in a carotid artery A blockage may be caused by a buildup of fatty material plaque , a blood clot thrombus , or other substances. You have 2 carotid arteries in your neck that bring blood from your heart to your brain. Ultrasound - Abdomen.

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