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    I just started Anastrozole a little over a month ago and this past week 3 people have told me I’ve gained weight. I haven’t weighed myself since my last onco appt. and I actually have an appt. tomorrow so I will see if there has been a change. A simple walk around the block can really help with this. Also, have your primary check your vitamin d level as low levels may make the pain worse. Keep your eye on the main goal: cancer. Help this goal by gradually more active and you may lose some weight and you will definitely feel better. Jun 14,  · I've been Arimidex for a little over two months and I was if anyone has ever lost weight while Arimidex. I admit that my weight wasn't what it should've been when I started Arimidex (I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years prior to to Arimidex . Good and good health to you! I have been anastrozole on 3 years. The side effects are awful, but I did try the other 2 aromataste inhibitors and while on them the side effects were significantly worse so I am with anastrozole. 2 more years to go! Hi Sue..I've been Arimidex since last November and I did not gain any ryloa.linkpc.net only side effects that I noticed lately is that I feel a little depressed (I don't know if this is due because of the Arimidex) and loss of ryloa.linkpc.net if I start a bit more I could gain some ryloa.linkpc.net sister who is a bit older than me, has gained about 5 pounds in almost 2 years with Tamoxifen. Very frustrated, miles 3 times a week and my best to watch my diet. The has helped stopped the weight gain but no way is it down. I know compared to other problems on this site it seems minor!! Is anyone else this problem while on Anastrozole? Started this drug after my complete hysterectomy. Mar 11,  · Weight loss after Anastrozole My oncologist wants me to stay on Anastrozole for 5 years. I have about 8 months left. My question is: has anyone lost a lot of weight after this drug? I had lost 60 lbs. after treatment but have gained back 30 and I am this drug has a lot to do with the weight gain and that I will be able to lose those pounds. I too stopped Arimidex after five years now have enlarged fatty liver, osteopenia, fatigue, weakness muscle weakness weight loss poor appetite loss neck and back arthalgias, abnormal high white blood count high monocytes high MCHC and high hgb, UTI's, bladder incontinence, bone spurs, herniations etc. anyone else have "withdrawal symptoms"? Mar 22,  · How To Lose Belly Fat Dr Oz. How To Lose Weight While Anastrozole Ketogenic Diet Plan For Bodybuilders How To Lose Weight Fast At Home With No Treadmill, Forskolin Weight Loss Webmd How To Lose Weight At Home Fast Without Equipment How To Lose Weight Fast 10kg In 10 Days.. How To Manage Weight And Lose Weight Fast 30 Day Ketogenic Diet Plan .

    Judging by the number and speed of replies to the first post, I would venture to say joint, bone and muscle pain is not so uncommon a side effect of Arimidex. Thank You. Feb 13, AM trying2staypositive7 wrote:. Liked by Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator. Looks like it's pretty difficult but I'm willing to try anything to stop this runaway train of weigh gain! The weight is coming off, but slowly, like mountains growing. Liked by farmgirl , trixie I've been taking Arimidex since last November and I did not gain any weight. I was on Tamoxifen for 3 years before and did not gain any signiifcant weight but my doctor felt Arimidex was a better medication for me. Arimidex and weight loss. I'm not cooking it and I'm not eating it. I'm off to go pick up the necessary supplies now. Is it related to stopping?

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