June 10, These examples are perfect representations of how gender stereotypes in the media are depicted, especially through advertising. For some reason men are advertise for fun items and women are just meant to live their lives to take care of home. They wanted to make it okay for men to want to drink a healthier alternative to regular soda. Female police officers vs Male. They are young urban professionals and executives. Men, on the other hand, are adventurous, active, powerful, confident, hardworking generally has a high position at work and sexually aggressive. You are commenting using your WordPress. Respondents opinions are mixed on whether the ad industry should be held responsible for breaking gender stereotypes. Ads that portray men and women in their traditional role can achieve two things. She is a prospective translator and devoted content writer, speaks several languages. A great number of ads not only bring different examples of gender stereotypes in the media, but also convince us that things natural about us are unacceptable. Home About.

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