• Two Atlanta evangelical pastors, two views on Donald Trump

    Top Evangelical Theologian Withdraws Support of Donald Trump - Christian blog and commentary on ryloa.linkpc.net In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley; has written a . In May he told CBS Face the Nation, “What we have in the Donald Trump phenomenon is an embrace of the very kind of moral and cultural decadence that conservatives have been for a. If you are unhappy about Donald J. Trump as President, don’t put your trust, or in this case, your fears, in “Princes.” The Lord is the If you are giddy about Mr. Trump’s administration, don’t put your trust in “Princes,” but in the Lord who raises up and puts down “Princes.”. Stanley's message, NRB President & CEO Dr. Jerry A. Johnson shared about events earlier in the day, President Donald Trump's of an executive order on religious freedom, a he had with staff members from the National Security Council, and the of a measure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Sep 17,  · Donald J. Trump stands astride the polls in the Republican presidential race, all comers in virtually every demographic of the primary electorate. Most illogical is his support from. Dr. Charles Stanley, one of the pastors in the Atlanta area, is in politics again, with his “Pray that the President Would” list. Some time ago he made the assertion that we. Apr 23,  · The elder Stanley, 82, is the long time pastor of First Baptist Atlanta and founder of In Touch ryloa.linkpc.net week, he declined to an award from the Jewish National Fund in Atlanta - an event he was slated to attend tomorrow. Criticism swelled over the selection of Stanley due to his Biblical views on - pulled from his sermons and many written works -which had become a. Charles Stanley said the award was too much strife within the Jewish community, and for the sake of his love for Israel, he would not it. (YouTube) Amid a heated debate over his vocal opposition to and marriage, Atlanta pastor Charles Stanley will decline an award he planned to from the Jewish. It was always a possibility that Mr Trump would win the US election, despite the worries and fears of market commentators and those in the main economic institutions. Charles Stanley took a cautious approach ahead of the event, that there was likely to be a fall in markets on a Trump victory. Markets dislike the unknown, and fear too much change.

    This is our hour. Youssef has a sophisticated television ministry that reaches around the world. Comments are not pre-screened before they post. Image captured from AJC video. Do not use profanity, obscenities, abusive language or otherwise objectionable content as determined by Charisma Media moderators, in their sole discretion. Markets dislike the unknown, and fear too much change. For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus. Do not include copyrighted content or other intellectual property that you do not own or have the explicit rights or lisenses to distribute. Just click the subscribe button below to start our quick signup. Follow us:. The comments left by some of the readers were very interesting, particularly the one in which he or an associate pastor allegedly said President Obama supports policies that are at odds with Christian evangelical beliefs. After founding In Touch nearly 40 years ago, his sermons are broadcast world-wide, he has authored more than 60 books and reaches many through his ministry's website. Supreme Court against legalizing same-sex marriage. County By County. At the Catalyst event last week, Stanley, 56, stated that he knew there were a variety of views on homosexuality and gay marriage among those in the audience.

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