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    Senior Rater NCOER Bullet Comments. His performance for the Unit and the Counter Drug program has been second to none. SFC Dodge trained 14 Soldiers in the company to deploy and set a new standard in theatre for SIGINT operations. His technical proficiency ensured that the . Nov 20,  · The rater will answer each question by an “X” in either the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box. Bullets comments are used to explain any area where the rated NCO is particularly strong or needs improvement. Bullet comments are mandatory for a ‘no’ and must be specific. Parts IVb-f . Rater NCOER Bullet Comments Overall Performance o expert knowledge in the art and science of made him one of the best station commanders in the company and in the top 10% of NCOs I have worked with in my career. Each bullet comment should begin with a lower-case letter unless it's a proper noun that is normally capitalized. When the rater enters bullet statements on the NCOER, they should match the marked: Excellence, or Needs Improvement. Below are examples of comments these levels of performance. Senior Rater top box (Most Qualified) restricted to Rater Left Box (Excels) restricted to Rater narrative focuses on performance Senior Rater narrative focuses on potential ( Years) Use the “top box” to identify your best officers and quantified narratives • Commander is overall care-taker of all personnel systems. Find performance measure bullets, d uty descriptions by MOS, additional duties common to all, and senior raters narratives for the new NCOER dated Nov Go into our Kitbag section to find the latest & greatest information on the NCOER.. Please leave constructive feedback on any improvements you want to see to the site. Senior Rater NCOER Bullet Comments SFC ______ is an exceptional NCO who is ready for the next level of leadership. Her ability to solve complex problems and lead Soldiers make her an asset to any organization she is a part of. Find performance measure bullets, duty descriptions by MOS, additional duties common to all, and senior raters narratives for the new NCOER dated Nov Performance Measures. PART IV - PERFORMANCE EVALUATION, PROFESSIONALISM, ATTRIBUTES, AND COMPETENCIES (Rater) Rater Overall Performance. This document is divided into two main areas: SGT NCOER Direct Level bullet comments and SSG-MSG NCOER Organizational level bullet comments. Each main area is subdivided by CMF to better assist you in the information that best pertains to you and your Soldiers. This supplement provides a foundation to ensure that we develop the best Non-.

    Combat Service Support. Air Defense Artillery - 14 Series. Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs. Visit here for important information on these topics. SSG Example ranks in the top 3 of the 10 staff sergeants I currently senior rate. He maintained percent service rate under austere conditions with very little support. This Soldier demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership qualities. Army Study Guide Tweets. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube. He is a true expert in his MOS competencies and a huge asset in managing the company's airborne program. Benefit Programs. SGT Ikehara's accomplishments should be emulated by his subordinates. Colleges Near Army Bases. Quartermaster - 92 Series.

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