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    assess and safe placement. We followed the two-step bedside approach that was first described in First, we advanced the tube to 30 centimeters and took a chest x-ray. As seen in Figure 1, the tip of the Dobhoff tube is in the left mainstem bronchus. If we had continued to advance the tube, we would have risked a pneumothorax. Nov 18,  · Dobhoff Tube Placement 1) The tube is radio-opaque (especially the weighted metal tip), which is easily via CXR. 2) Sure, CXR placement is the gold standard for confirmation of placement, but what can happen to small-bore 3) . Apr 11,  · A Dobhoff tube is a type of nasogastric tube that is inserted into the stomach by way of the nasal passage. The Dobhoff tube was introduced in the mids by surgeons Robert Dobbie and James Hoffmeister, who combined their last names to create "Dobhoff." The Dobhoff tube was the first small-bore tube to be used in hospitals. zNG or dobhoff tube zLubricant zCup of water and straw zStethoscope Tube placement ¦Ideally, patient should be in position (neck flexed, head extended) Also, in a perfect world: (a) Spray nasal passage with oxymetazoline (b) Anesthetize nasal passage and File Size: 31KB. Mar 29,  · A Dobhoff tube is a type of tube that is inserted into a patient's nose, threaded down the esophagus and into the stomach and down to the duodenum. A doctor or nurse must place this tube inside the patient as it is not always easy to get it in the correct location. Optimally, the tip of the tube should be inserted no greater than 5 cm below the carina (to reduce the risk for distal airway advancement and potential pneumothorax). Step One must be confirmed before the tube can be advanced to the stomach or small Examine the tube distance completion of the Step One Xray. 2. Place DHT under fluoroscopy *If the tube follows the path of the trachea and continues into the R or L mainstem bronchus, airway placement has and the tube should be pulled out and reinserted. GI placement is confirmed if you seeFile Size: 1MB. What Is a Dobhoff Tube? Definition. A Dobhoff tube is a nasogastric tube that is inserted into the nose and through the esophagus down Uses. Dobhoff tubes are used to deliver medicine, fluids, vitamins, and food. Use is usually temporary a Placement. A. Apr 21,  · Last night I had to put down a Dobhoff-weighted NG tube on a patient with moderate dysphagia and confusion who had pulled out his previous NG tube. I have only done this 2 previous times and this was my first night on my own, just got off of a 12 .

    If the first Chest Xray reveals that the tube was advanced further or not far enough than needed to rule out lung placement, use the Chest Xray and ruler shown above in Image 3 to identify the optimal insertion distance for future attempts. If any of these steps are contraindicated, implement to steps are acceptable for this patient. Please enter the following code:. Dry the skin thoroughly before applying new tape. However, people who have swallowing disorders might need them for a prolonged period or permanently. Follow the feeding tube. You will be adding air during the advancement. This must be completed before a patient can be fed. Pause at each increment. Ensure that patient and health care provider safety standards are met during this procedure including:. Obtain an order to: Insert a small bowel feeding tube For prokinetic if desired : Metoclopramide 10mg IV 10 minutes before advancement from the stomach to small bowel or Erythromycin mg in ml IV over 30 minutes central administration or 60 minutes peripheral administation Erythromycin has been shown to stimulate gastric motility and facilitate gastric emptying 3 and metoclopramide has been reported to enhance feeding tube advancement 4. Every once in a while you just get a difficult patient and it takes a couple of tries.

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