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    Feb 04,  · The chemlawn /scotts bodies are made by supreme truck body. each style is a custom mold for chemlawn / scotts and from what I'm told they will not / are not aloud to make them for anyone else. you could have one custom designed but the cost would run around $50, for the mold is plus 10, - $12, for each body. there used to be one vary similar to the chemlawn body called the . Aug 03,  · this is the second part of fiber the John Deere hood. Aug 19,  · 2. Agri-Fab | Best steel cart. The brand Agri-Fab has been agricultural equipment for years and has got years of experience in heavy equipment and machinery that performs well outdoors. Jan 02,  · OMIX Mini MB Body Kit For ATV/Go Lawn Mower Chasis Reviews. Be the first to review this item. Questions. ADAM S. 1/2/ what are the dimensions of the body? Wheelbase? track? The body . The Detail in the fiberglass is to please even the most enthusiast. We Think Henry would be Proud! If you have any questions and wish to clear up any details, please phone Awesome Henry at business hours (8 am to 5 pm daily). Please leave a message should we be out of the office and we'll return. product product - Hood AM Fits John Deere LX, GT, GX Series Mower D. How to repair your cracked John Deere lawn tractor hood. Feb 22,  · Welcome to TBN My tractor and two mowers have plastic hoods, i wax them with Mothers liquid wax and use a soft pad. I have never had that type of wax scratch my hoods, sometimes i . Description Our pull tractor bodies are made from hand laid fiberglass that produces a stiff but light body that is built to perform. This "hand technique gives us the ability to put reinforcement where you need it. Our pull tractor bodies are made from hand laid fiberglass that produces a stiff but light body that is.

    More importantly, the company is responsible for giving us some of the most efficient dump carts of all types. From the side, the bloodline is unmistakable. John Deere Hood. Not only that, but it is super sticky. The design of this dump cart is also able to swivel, which makes unloading a breeze. This aluminum tape is really thick and more rigid than that stuff you get at home improvement stores. Classified Ads. This dump cart features a premium quality polypropylene bucket, which has been designed to take quite a licking. Delivery Options see all. Other trademarks on this page are the property of their respective owners. Re: Cleaning the plastic hood question I found a great wax called Liquid Glass. This makes it the highest haul capacity for any dump cart of its size. I blow my tractor off after every use and wash it times a summer.

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