• NCBOP - Obtaining NABP eProfile Numbers: Pharmacists and Technicians should ACT NOW

    The National Association of of Pharmacy is an international association which assists member and jurisdictions in its pharmacist license transfer and pharmacist competence assessment programs for the purpose of public health. The NABP membership is composed of 54 active members and 12 associate members. Active member include all 50 United States. Developed by the American Pharmacists Association Page 1 Obtain your new NABP e‐Profile ID 1. Go to 2. Within the Section, Monitor Service, you will see a link called “Set up your NABP e‐Profile to obtain your ID” indicated by the red arrow below. There are three ways to find/look up your NABP e-Profile ID number: In the confirmation email you received when for an e-Profile. our Quick Search tool, which can be found here. it in your e-Profile. To find your e-Profile ID while logged in to . and NABP A Provider Identification number Provider ID) formerly known as the Pharmacy NABP number, is 7-digit code a to provide pharmacies with a unique, national identifier that would assist pharmacies in their interactions with pharmacy payers and claims processors. 11/19/ Pharmacy by NABP Page 1 of 23 NABP NPI PHARMACY NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP TELEPHONE Rite Aid Pharmacy # Roebuck Cnt AL Cystic Fibrosis Services, Inc Alexander Drive Suite 2A Dothan AL Walgreens Mail Service, . Search this site: NABP e-Profile Login; Help. NABP Online Services. My e-Profile ID Quick Search * Indicates required field. Enter the required information to display your e-Profile ID. As a learner, you must your completed through NABP's website. Monitor - A Collaborative Service from and NABP Monitor. NABP's Verified Pharmacy Program (VPP) streamlines the process for pharmacies or licensure in multiple states. VPP assists applicants with inspection requirements and allows for the distribution of necessary information to the where a new or renewed license is sought.

    Licensure Transfer The Electronic Licensure Transfer Program enables licensed pharmacists to easily transfer their existing license from one state to another. Limited Data Sets. NABP, as a c 3 nonprofit, offers programs and services, education, and other tools to support its member boards of pharmacy in keeping the shared promise of promoting the highest standards of pharmacy practice for the protection of public health. Namespaces Article Talk. Public Use Files. NABP Clearinghouse A national database of educational, competence, licensure, and disciplinary information on pharmacists practicing in NABP's member states and jurisdictions. Search form. Contact Us. This requirement will also make it easier for Board staff to access and track information on continuing education fulfillment, pharmacy and DME facility inspections, and out-of-state disciplinary actions. Thank you.

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