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    Tecta America wants YOU. Tecta America is the commercial nationwide company in the U.S., and we are actively for good people to build our team. Ignite your future by your talent and experience to Tecta’s Search Careers. For two and a half decades Help America Corporation has assisted tens of thousands of patients and their families throughout South Texas. a combination of compassion and efficiency, coupled with a stellar reputation among South Texas medical providers, Help America has become an fixture in the third party assistance industry. Innovation in worldwide is what makes T.A. America Corporation a valuable resource to the automotive, consumer electronic, green energy and community. T.A. America offers a complete array of worldwide services the finest tools, equipment and parts. The health and well of our employees, customers and partners have always been one of our core values. In these uncertain times, we are even more focused on their safety. As such, we would like to inform you about the current preventative measures at Bekum America Corporation. Read More. The United States is a foreign corporation to represent the country known as the Continental United States or The United States of America (Major), which is a republic and not a democracy. To make matters worse, every county, city, and state has a corporate version of itself. What the Congress did with the passage of the Act of was create an entirely new document, a constitution for the government of the District of Columbia. The kind of government THEY created was a corporation. The new, altered Constitution serves as the constitution of the corporation, and not that of America. Think about that for a moment. of America" is the name for the global and global markets business of of America Corporation. derivatives, and other commercial activities are performed globally by affiliates of of America Corporation, . The Inabata America Corporation provides innovative solutions and services for information and electronics, chemicals, life industry, food, pharmaceutical related products, plastics, & eco materials businesses worldwide. For more than a century, Inabata's specialized functions have satisfied a vast range of client requirements. FANUC America provides comprehensive technical FANUC CNC FANUC robotics and FANUC ROBODRILL with interactive, instructor-led courses offered at our automation centers in cities across the U.S., as well as online courses so students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

    The birth certificate is actually a certificate of debt slavery which is why it is recorded on a bond. You have lost more freedom than you may realize due to corporate infiltration of the so-called government. It is no different than what the agents of the British Empire did to the American people back in the s. They never had a lawful quorum so never lawfully reconvened. THEY count on the fact that most people are too uninterested or distracted or lazy to do so. They came up with a devious scheme to gain control over the country that they had desired for a long time. They are the servants of the corporate government and carry out its bidding. Note that B and C refer to A , so basically, in the American legal code the "United States" is a federal corporation, not a country. You see, you are presumed to know the law. There is not a "country" called the "United States of America.

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