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    Jan 28,  · Department of Veterans Affairs leaders disagree with scientists’ that link Agent Orange exposure to four more diseases Congress has pushed VA to cover -- bladder cancer, hypertension, hypothyroidism and Parkinson's-like symptoms. Study results on new Agent Orange diseases not expected until ‘late ’ says VA secretary to come until at least “late diseases caused by exposure to Agent Orange is that our. Jan 10,  · Came into contact with Agent Orange their military service Served in or near the DMZ between Sept. 1, , and Aug. 31, Served . Hypertension was moved to the “sufficient” category, a step up from its previous label, “limited or suggestive.” If a condition or health risk is in the sufficient category, it means that the committee found enough evidence to support a strong association between dioxin exposure (the main chemical in Agent Orange) and hypertension in this case. Agent Orange decision delay draws criticism. evidence exists to demonstrate a link between hypertension and Agent Orange. any new presumptive conditions is in late ,” Wilkie told. Mar 12,  · Veteran service organizations have made toxic exposures a top priority in , from Agent Orange to hazards that caused Gulf War Illness to burn pits, black ooze and other toxins from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. troops exposed to toxins must be a top priority in , veterans tell Cong ress “Vietnam veterans did our part. Agent Orange Hypertension. Question: Any hope in Agent Orange Hypertension will pass and, if so, will it be the same as for IHD in TDIU claim, and cuts for TDIU T&P at age 67? Jim's Reply: I can't guess as to whether any of that will pass but I can recommend that you file a claim now just in case. You can file the claim today and if.

    Your Email. Not sure what your veteran health care benefits are? If you or someone you know has one of the conditions listed above or a condition you think may be related to contact with the chemical, you should contact the VA immediately to get assistance. The former soldier then pulled into a parking space, set the gun on his dashboard, called and waited for police. Andrew hopes sharing his story will "help a lot of GI children who never got the chance to find their fathers. Veteran advocates and Democratic lawmakers are ramping up pressure on the Donald Trump administration to decide whether to add new illnesses to the list of diseases presumed linked to herbicide exposure. We even have bipartisan agreement in Congress. Internal documents reveal the disagreements within the Trump administration over adding new Agent Orange-connected diseases. Contact Us. The Navy won't reinstate the captain who was fired after warning of a serious health crisis on his ship. You may be aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs has expanded the locations military members may have been exposed to the weed killer known as Agent Orange when considering medical and disability claims. VA already is treating some Vietnam-era veterans for the listed conditions, including 1, for Parkinsonism, 5, for bladder cancer, 15, for hypothyroidism and , for hypertension.

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