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    since it is an anti-anxiety pill it will relax your body and take your mind off of any worries, which is why it does make a lot of people pass out when they take too much or drink with it. your body will become dependent on it very rapidly, as it is highly addictive. you must lower your dosage if you are to quit or else your stress levels will be much worse than ever. Dec 09,  · One Xanax (or even better, half of one) is fine to take once in a while, if you can’t get to sleep and you have a leftover on hand. But don’t expect to be on all cylinders the next. Xanax can cause a withdrawal or “hangover” effect. Although this is more common when you begin the medication, it could happen at any time. Many of the symptoms are similar to that of. Jul 02,  · Xanax did not make me sleepy, clonazepham does, but you know what, everyone reacts to medications differently. I felt a little *loopy* on xanax which I dont on clonazepham, instead clonazepham cuts my anxiety but has the sleepy after affect. Jul 11,  · Yes Xanax can make you very tired. And it is highly addictive. Withdrawals can be awful. And there are many side effects. Also, it does contraindicate with several other drugs and alcohol. Try to avoid it. Use essential oils and natural sup. Xanax has helped me overcome this at work, and in life - but know it is a that will ware off, just like any other drug. When you stop it, your anxiety returns. It can make you sleepy, but if you need it for your anxiety, you'll most likely not be too effected by it. Xanax (alprazolam) doesn't affect everyone in the same way. How Xanax will affect you depends on several factors, your mental state at the time you take the drug, your age, weight Author: Kimberly Holland. I've been on and off lexapro for 5 years, weaned myself off when I became pregnant twice. It works great for me. The initial fatigue went away after the first 2 weeks I would say. I take it at about at night so by the time I'm in bed I am ready to zonk out because it does make me a little sleepy still. Mar 02,  · At night, I take.5 Xanax to sleep. By that time, the Wellbutrin and Strattera, which have given me motivation, energy and concentration the day, have worn off pretty much, but I still need a little Xanax to get me sleepy enough. This has worked great for 4 years.

    View all 4 comments. I have really awful, life-long insomnia, thus I am probably the worst "control" for this sort of thing, so please don't get discouraged. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. She took it without hesitation, and since has used it with great success. I had to stop taking lexapro. Trust me, all the others are just weak in comparison. In other words, he trusts me to use it responsibly, and I do. Wanting to stop Lexapro after 7 days? I know some people who take 2 and 3 full mg tablets So enough for physciatrists. During the day, they just relax me Edited July 2, by TxButterfly.

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