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    A List consists of a of the names of eligible applicants who applied to the specific vacancy announcement arranged in order by score or veterans’ preference status, as appropriate to the position filled, for appointment co nsideration. See Handbook EL, Suitability, Selection, and Appointment. Selection list process) Mines say pre-hire list.. Never heard of selection list But sounds about the same. View entire discussion (13 comments) More posts from the USPS community. This subreddit is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service. All employees on this sub are here of their own. May 17,  · This is a educated guess. The post office speculates or they are already know that it's to need so many carriers or clerks so they post a need for them in such and such a city or district on the Usps web site where people apply on line. Thro. Selection Process Internal Recruitment. The sections describe the characteristics of the internal recruitment process. When to Consider Noncompetitive Applications. Management may consider qualified employees eligible for a noncompetitive voluntary lateral reassignment or change to a lower level at any of the times. Selection list are the candidates that they are to choose is like the same Answered September 6, - City Carrier Assistant (Current Employee) - DC. The selection list is the order in which candidates were chosen for employment. I made the highest score, so I would have been at the top of the list. Jun 12,  · When I had the interview, 1 business day after, my status changed to selection list. In my interview, the interviewer told me that I should hear back from them the next step in business days. Although my status changed to selection list, I have not heard from USPS human resources yet after 5 business days.

    What is the best part of working at United States Postal Service? The required higher-level review and approval must be accomplished before the personnel action is effected or the selection announced. External: Review the applications. Education Requirement:. Initiate a competitive process by having the vacancy posted on www. Internal applicants for all posted nonbargaining positions must submit applications by the closing date of the announcement using the online application system, eCareer. Applicant 1. What does selection list mean? Applicant 3. If you were in charge, what would you do to make United States Postal Service a better place to work…. How long did you have to wait? A fair amount of applicants quit or are not rehired after working a year.

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