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    You can find many interest inventories on the Internet and a few forms follow. As interest inventories are not specific to a particular grade level, you can usually find one already developed that would be appropriate for your students. An excellent attitude survey for the primary student is the Elementary Attitude Survey by. mal survey of more than 30 elementary teach- ers indicated that the comic strip character Garfield was more apt to be recognized by chil- dren in Grades I through 6 than any other. Jim Davis, who is the creator of Garfield, and United Features, his publisher, agreed to supply four black-line, camera-ready poses of Garfield,File Size: 2MB. Garfield Attitudes Survey - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. of the Year Interest Survey. Interest Survey. Pete Loves Colors Book. The Subtle Art of Not a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to a Good Life. Jul 15,  · Questionnaires known as Interest, Inventory, or Attitude Surveys are helpful tools to help teachers, librarians, and parents gain a sense of a interests, favorite likes, dislikes, hobbies, and how they feel about This data can serve as a guide to help a reader learn to identify the types of books. Jan 29,  · Garfield Attitude Survey Yesterday I began my small group time by the Garfield Attitude Survey with my focus group. I explained to them that it is very important to be honest about how they feel about and reassured them that no one would get in trouble for how they answer. Elementary Attitude Survey 4 points Happiest Garfield 3 points Slightly Garfield 2 points Mildly upset Garfield 1 point Very upset Garfield Item scores: Item scores: 1. ____ Attitude Survey Created Date:File Size: 2MB. Garfield Attitudes Survey - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This is a interest inventory for your students to fill out at the of the year. You can see how your students feel about and it will also give you a lot of insight into the types of books/topics they enjoy. A BACK-TO-SCHOOL MUST HAVE!This interest survey is a great back-to-school activity to better understand your students' preferences and tendencies from their points-of-view. This interest survey asks students about their summer their about and their. Sep 27, - Explore IggyC's Interest Survey", followed by people on See more ideas about interest survey, Interest survey

    Activities , Handouts , Graphic Organizers. Interest Surveys for Elementary Students. This free survey is a great way to collect data about your elementary students' interests at the beginning of the school year. This is very interesting. These guys are so young that they have not had much time to internalize what standardized tests are saying about them as readers a wonderful characteristic of young readers Later, after they have taken a deluge of reading tests they understand that the tests are saying they are not good readers and their perceptions often change--is it any wonder that reading motivation declines throughout schooling? Along with their lack of self awareness, I also wonder if the desire to please you impacted the responses. This unit contains 8 full reading workshop lessons connect, teaching point, teach, engage, link, share that will help you launch, or kick off, reading workshop in your middle school classroom. These are perfect for getting to know your students at the beginning of the year. I read each question aloud and explained what it meant, since most of my students in this group are ESL students and need paraphrasing to help them comprehend. Labels: back to school library lessons , reading attitude surveys , reading interest inventories , Reading interest surveys. The survey can be used in any subject area. I sat down last night with them and added up their scores and was very surprised at the results. Activities , Handouts.

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