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    Create a great Happy 70th Birthday party with this collections of ideas drinks, food, party favors and decorations for men and women. 70th Birthday Parties Birthday Cupcakes Happy Birthday Glitter Cards Gold Glitter Birthday Numbers Cupcake Toppers Party Favors Handmade ZEN Beach Retreat is a % smoke and stress free retreat - where your relaxation, health and enjoyment is the number one priority. ZEN Beach Retreat is your unique 70th Birthday Party Idea that your and your family and friends will remember forever. It's available exclusively and privately. Jun 18, - Celebrate a 70th birthday in style! Find the best 70th birthday decorations, party ideas, themes, cakes, gifts, quotes and invitations for men or for women. Follow along and find you need for a fabulous day for anyone See more ideas about 70th birthday, 70th birthday decorations, 70th birthday gifts Margaret – A book or a set of affirmation cards that inspire to live life to the fullest. Colleen – Tablet with books on tape for a fabulous weekend trip, retreat or adventure. Laura – Massage. Carol – gift certificates for a facial, massages, manicure or pedicure. Jul 11,  · As far as the party theme is concerned, the of the guest of honor should be the first consideration. So, maybe a quiet family get-together would be most suitable. Alternatively, or an all-out wild birthday bash might just suit some feisty 70 year-olds. May 17,  · Best 70th Birthday Party Ideas Fun 70th Birthday Party Ideas. The birthday guest of honor probably threw their fair share of parties. You can make 70th Birthday Ideas For Mom. For a matriarch centered birthday party, focus on what means the most to her. If that’s 70th Birthday Ideas . Here are a few ideas for 70th birthday party favors: Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers with dark or milk chocolate and a personalized message, custom on the Mint and Candy Tins - add a message and even a photo to many designs, a very popular party favor. Alternatively, if you're not one for you can buy these cartoon-style cookies made from a photo of the birthday boy / girl. Check them out here. Retro Candy. For a 70th birthday party, a fun addition to the dessert / buffet table would be retro candy from the birthday boy or girl's.

    Believe me, you're guests will thank you. You could include clues to facts they should already know, or create clues that deliberately reveal funny or embrassing facts that only require them to guess easy answers based on the number of letters, e. An easy way to decorate larger areas is to use these custom photo banners to create a 'Through the Years' collage using pictures of the birthday boy or girl at various stages of their life. Read full bio here. You Might Also Like. I quite like the two designs below, which you can find by clicking on the link above. Order newspapers, books, puzzles and other unique gifts that feature facts about the Year You Were Born. I particularly like this gold sequin design also available in silver for milestone birthdays and it comes in a range of different colors. Instead, order several packs and upload a different photo to each one—then you can just mix them all up when you lay them out. Valentine's Day Mardi Gras St. You can create a playlist that takes them through their favorite decades. These custom person pinatas are another great way to add a fun personal touch to a milestone birthday party. I came across these photos of a 60th birthday party, below left, where they'd created a lovely 'Through the Years' style backdrop using photos of the birthday girl at different stages in her life.

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