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    Quick Reference for the CyberShift Time and Attendance System How to Login: ryloa.linkpc.net To login, type your username and password User name: ALL CAPS: first initial, first 3 letters of your last name, then the last 4 digits of your SS#. E.g. John Rodriguez, SS would be JROD Type hours codes identify the type of hour(s) reported for an employee through time and attendance. Pay Type Hours Regular Work/Penalty Pay (R* codes) Overtime (O* codes) Holiday Work (H* codes) Saturday/Sunday Work (S* codes) Leave Type Hours Paid Leave (L* codes) Non-paid Leave (K* codes) Compensatory Hours Type Hours (C* codes). S = Supplemental ryloa.linkpc.net supplemental flat tax rate may be used if the payments is NOT paid with regular wages. If the payment is made with Regular pay, the payment is taxed based on the employee’s W-4, otherwise the payment is taxed at the supplemental flat tax rate in effect at the time . Please be advised that you can your salary information online at the DOE’s Payroll Portal on any computer with Internet Go to ryloa.linkpc.net This will take you directly to the DOE’s Payroll Portal. On the far left locate “login” and click on it once. Cybershift is a web-based, automated time and attendance system that maintains the time records and implements the DOE's time and attendance rules for annual and hourly administrative employees on and Opportunities for Current DOE Employees. See the Open Market System and Per Session Opportunities for. the standard sick leave/time policy unless they qualify, with appropriate documentation, as set forth above. If/as there are any updates to COVID excused File Size: KB. DIRECTIVE 13 - PAYROLL PROCEDURES. INTRODUCTION. This Directive sets forth the basic internal controls and procedures agencies must follow for employee time, data for payroll and payrolls. In the fiscal year June 30, , personal services and benefit costsFile Size: KB. Alphabetical Earn Code Index Page 2 of 50 June Earn Code Description Time Entry Earn Code Additional Pay Earn Code System Generated Time Entry Payment Type (See Legend 1) Addl Pay Payment Type (See Legend 2) Inactive 14Z Overpaid in – IC 19 B 15X Overpaid in - IC 17 B. Codes assigned by agencies to designate organizational units for check distribution purposes. Payroll Management System (PMS) The City of New York's automated payroll and and record system. Payroll Number. A three-digit code used to identify an agency or a department in an agency for payroll purposes. PDF.

    The attachment to the paycheck containing itemized transaction details such as gross pay, deductions, leave balances, etc. Regional Enrichment Centers Learn about who is eligible and how to apply to the sites. Shown on pay statement. They earn income by performing certain tasks in Civil Court cases, including the enforcement of judgments. If you are not a member of a pension system, it should be blank. The nine digit ABA number identifies the actual bank to which funds will be sent. Check number or Check Num, is the number of the payment to you, either by direct deposit or with a paper check. Compensatory time earned, Saturday Title 38 expanded definition. In addition to your earnings it may also include other payments to you, such as meal allowance, longevity payments, and other. Social Security Administration changes this wage base annually. Increases to fixed incomes to offset the effects of inflation. A factor in determining the amount of taxes withheld. Year to Date — shows the total amounts for the calendar year from the first pay date in January up to the current pay date. Compensatory time earned, holiday Title 38 expanded definition.

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