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    >> that screenshot passed around the "hidden source" is a shoop. the page source did not say that 12 hours ago when somebody first posted that pic, the source never said that and the source does not say that now. you can easily go check it out for yourself. What is the best in your besides 4chan and Tinychan? I'm not 4chan is one of the best, I just know people will say it is. PM + ltamake!3vZ7A06glM — years ago, 2 minutes later, 1 hour after the original post #, Truth is masterchan has been a psyop engineered by the 3 letter agencies to get the PC masterrace out of /v/ and into a containment space where their problematic personalities and political ideologies would stop and it worked, /v/ only has nintendo games in it now. Bypass: Allowed file types: image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/bmp, video/webm, audio/mpeg, video/mp4, video/ogg, audio/ogg, audio/webm, audio/flac, audio/m4a Maximum number of files per post: 5 Maximum file size: MB Read the rules before you post. Sign In with Google Sign In with Facebook. By you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. and Privacy Policy. MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now! The only place where you can post and truly be free is ryloa.linkpc.net Welcome to the official subreddit for MasterChan where you go when the site is down or no one else on the site is there to communicate, I mean we have over subscribers on this subreddit, we can always get even more! >> Yeah it's good for gamefaq or highly specific info threads (that go into the many archives anyway. But if you're months or even years for response you might as well send letters. >ARM and niche shit Retro stuff is pretty mainstream these days; And in America they even have "makerspaces" for ARMs. If you live in a reasonably sized city you probally have one nearby. Cluster Dx Cluster software - The Next Generation. This software was written to overcome the of the other Dx Cluster packages. These include user lockouts, instability, incorrect unfixed bugs, out of date data, slow response and many other items.

    Scroll Down. Spots with an incoming hops count of H1 will not prevent identical spots with higher hop counts which arrive fractions of a second later from being sent out to connected nodes. Whoever went through the agony of compiling this list is a credit to all anons. Cluster for Android has been specially designed for the world's most popular mobile operating system. It's really just a waste of time that I could be spending on other things I actually enjoy like games and other computer stuff from before Win95, or learning something useful I can apply later on since I've got projects I want to do. Why dont i have money to take care of myself i always broke please give me link or what i can do to make money please help me. Good job OP. Some people like that more than the current imageboard trend of constant spam then wiping the entire catalog and banning almost everyone. Sharing for anyone and everything For groups From close friends to extended family members. I'd cite the source but I can't even remember where I found this list since it was too long ago.

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