Do that move until all the circles are filled to move on to the next objective. Would you recommend this Guide? Oscar's hiding in the Hell's Kitchen Industrial Park; when you discover where he's located, punich him for his crimes. Hop in the caddy that you'll find on the side of the house and drive over to the entrance of Corman's Drive-In in Flamingo. The safe is in a small room right before the balcony on the second floor. Go outside and talk to Fredo outside the house, and he'll tell about some of the new favours you can get from corrupt officials out here. If there are bags to collect, I will write where to find them in the section after the asteriks which also explains what to do in that particular mission. Drive over to the Bertolli Thrift company. Fredo says he's ready to step up in the business, but Michael ignores his ambition and makes you Don of New York instead. Work on the second guy hereafter and grab the money he drops upon his expiration also. You will now have to drive back to the Corleone Compound from Brooklyn. Most important, when you do a bank job, you have to return to your safehouse before the money you boosted can be spent. Almeida is in the back of the yard. My walkthrough is now international! If Bruno is becoming to much of a disturbance for you to kill the other guys or to drag to the oven, shoot him in the knee once, he will fall and cease firing allowing you to grab him and drag him to the oven to complete the mission.

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