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    Mar 13,  · But you can shoot by the tab in 0,9mL water + 0,1mL alcohol, with micron filter BUT: is completely useless: the effects will be exactly the same than the effects you get when you eat it; it produces no rush, it . (clonazepam) or other IntraVenously is NOT RECOMMENDED. It contains fillers that can be very harmful to your body. Other than the fact that its dangerous, and insoluble in water, there's also the fact that its pointless. DOES NOT give you a bigger buz, it simply makes it kick in about 5 minutes sooner than if you would have eaten it. Clonazepam is one of the most abused drugs because it's readily available and has the potential to give users a high. The drug is prescribed only to be taken only by mouth, so if you snort it to try to enhance its effects, this is by definition a form of drug abuse. Nov 10,  · is an addictive drug, when you take it orally, but it isnt safe to shoot either. You should definitely talk to your friend about this and try to persuade her to stop I am also very surprised that her mother hasnt noticed her tablets Maybe you should also try to your friends parents as well. Jul 06,  · Billy, you are NEVER rude at all, you are and I hope you are much better. You have been in my Prayers as has your Dear Mom. Sorry I haven't written, there was an incident at my work on Thurs. that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, so Friday I got a new job and quit the old one Saturday after my last client. Feb 13,  · i would not this but if your it anyway just be safe. wat i would do (actually i wouldnt) is dissolve the pill in as small amount of water as possible instead of the solution directly into the needle take a cotton swab and use it to soak up the liquid and then draw the solution into the from the cotton this will remove some of the pill binders but not all and . Outside of a hospital, you don't. Clonazepam solution for injection is used mainly in hospitals or VERY rarely by those who can't swallow. Clonazepam tablets contain fillers such as talc, which if. (clonazepam) in any form can be dangerous, but it can put people at risk for additional negative side effects. These may include bloodborne illnesses, infection, and overdose. is a prescribed in the treatment . Yes: Lorazepam can be addictive and can be very unsafe to withdraw from. While it is safe to withdraw from narcotics, have to be carefully weaned to avoid seizures. Lorazepam can be .

    About About Drugs. No, thanks Register. I didn't mean to just jump in and be rude Patti, I am slowly improving thanks for your support-. Subscribe to Drugs. Diazepam - After taking a 5mg tab for anxiety how long till I can safely drive? I am wondering how I can prepare a generic 2mg clonazepam tablet into an injectable form. Snorting clonazepam to abuse it puts you at risk for the adverse outcomes. Twizz , Oct 30, Hi can'tcope, I cannot add anything to what pattishan said. Thank you. How many milligrams of Valium is in clonazepam? Daily MedNews. It goes without saying, but be safe. Guest over a year ago.

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