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    PlanSource is a technology company driven to create a better benefits and HR experience for employers and their employees. We offer flexible and intuitive software for benefits administration, insurance exchanges and human capital management. Our complete cloud-based technology helps nearly 10, employers and million consumers with benefits enrollment, compliance and. © PlanSource All Rights Reserved. At PlanSource, we don't compete against brokers. In fact, our entire business model is designed with brokers in mind. PlanSource offers 3 unique partner programs for insurance brokers, you to customize your experience. See more about benefits administration with PlanSource! We are sorry but your browser is not supported. Some functions may not work correctly. See a list of. Intuitive benefits enrollment, and administration in the cloud. Invalid username or password. Login. PlanSource reserves the right to monitor and/or limit to this resource at any time. Sign On. Help. Drop files to upload. Username. Password. Forgot Password? Security Notice. You are about to a secured resource. PlanSource reserves the right to monitor and/or limit to . Enter your Client ID, Login ID and Email Address below. An email will be sent to the email address of file if all three fields match. Client ID * Login ID * Email Address * * This is a required field. Cancel Submit. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest in benefits administration and human resources with the PlanSource webinar library. free pre-recorded sessions with industry leaders or register for webinars. Topics include HR technology, industry trends, best practices, and more! PlanSource's new mobile login and experience allows users and administrators to their platform, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy!

    PlanSource Partners With Broker Associations With a complete portfolio of benefits administration and human capital management tools, PlanSource will help you grow your business and keep your customers happy. Speaker submissions for are now open. And that confusion can result in misinformed employees who buy products that are not totally right for them. Complete With benefits shopping, enrollment, billing and ACA compliance, PlanSource gives you feature depth without compromising on ease-of-use. Check out this free webinar where we discuss emerging trends to use for cultivating your employee benefits strategy. In this webinar, we explore pitfalls for brokers and carriers when choosing a tech partner. Read Our Latest Press PlanSource was recently selected as a benefits administration technology solution by 4myBenefits. Employees enroll online with a user-friendly, one-thought-per-screen workflow, while HR oversees the process and approves changes. More than just "likes"—social media can actually be a highly effective toool to help HR drive engagement and recruiting. Educational Content Personalize the content that displays to employees based upon demographics, location, employee type and more. Life Event Changes Automatically enforce your rules for life events as your employees get married, grow their families, or lose coverage throughout the year. How To Save Time And Money With Outsourcing Check out this free recorded webinar where we discuss how strategic materials saves time and resources with outsourcing.

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