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    May 03,  · Notary Public to resume Hi there! I recently received my commission. What is the best way to say it on my resume? Thank You! Reply by Sarah on 5/3/05 pm Msg # How about it under "Other" (Name of State) Notary Public. Reply by name-Notary Public on 5/3/05 pm Msg # Proudly at the top, alongside name. How to Add Notary Public to Your Resume. In a highly competitive job market, any special skills a job seeker possesses can make his resume stand out. Many employers value and actively seek candidates with a notary public background. Some find it useful to have a notary on site to certify documents, witness events and. "Notary Public" to your Resume I’ve been a notary for a number of years now and although I don’t notarize nearly the number of documents I did when I worked for a . Even when you are not to add a notary public skill set to your resume for the job search, you can still use your title to make some extra income on the side. You will easily find many people in your local area are always the services of a notary. You can set your own hours and fees to the services you offer. Flexible Schedule. Notary Public. SUMMARY: notary public with a track record of fully signers’ signatures and authenticity of documents through thorough assessment. Special talent for oaths through predefined notary specifications. Demonstrated in and theft within public matter by thoroughly and methodically legal paperwork. Witness their signature, take thumbprint and compare photo. Explain forms in the package while their signatures and dates on. the documents. Notarize signatures on required documents. Review terms of the. loan, answer questions and explain procedures forward. Double space beneath the and type "Notary Public," followed by a comma. Type the state in which you are a certified notary public. For example: "Notary Public, State of Colorado." Add any other certification or in this section of your resume. How to Add Notary Public to Your Resume 1. 2. Type your notary public details the state or states where you’re licensed and the license expiration date, 3. Add the specific duties you’re allowed to perform in the state or states where you’re licensed, as authorized duties 4. Enter.

    The content of this blog contains my opinion, and is offered for personal interest without warranty of any kind. Send out promotional advertising and correspondence. It is important to keep track of your notary expiration date so that your commission does not lapse. Handle rental agreements and contracts. Main Street, Suite ; Monthly billing and invoicing for rentals. Employment and business options for paralegals. You are also responsible for maintaining your commission and, if you move, giving notice to the new county. No matter what line of work you are in or what your intentions are, adding this skill to your resume can have its advantages. I have been a Notary for years as well, but I did not know that we have our own organization.

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