Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hendrix was fatigued and suffering from poor health, due in part to severe exhaustion caused by overworking, a chronic lack of sleep, and a persistent illness assumed to be influenza -related. In , Hendrix dropped out of high school. On September 19, Dannemann spoke with a journalist for the German tabloid Bild. Murray, Charles Shaar From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Books. Da Capo. It was early morning when I got the call, in fact I thought it was earlier than early morning The following day, Hendrix received a phone call from one of his girlfriends, Devon Wilson, who had become jealous after hearing rumors that he was dating another woman, Kirsten Nefer. Hendrix died in from drug-related complications, leaving his mark on the world of rock music and remaining popular to this day. Once these marks are there [in the skin], they never go away. I made a sandwich and we talked until about 7 a. Martin's Press.

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