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    Below is a list of telephone numbers for our various provider call centers as well as other commonly used telephone and fax numbers. In order to help ensure that your inquiries are tracked and responded to timely, all inquires must be made to Provider Service or through the Availity Web Portal. If you don't know the member's specific product, click ryloa.linkpc.net Medical Coverage Guidelines, click here.. PLEASE READ: Members of some group health plans may have terms of coverage or benefits that differ from the information presented here. The information describes the general policies of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc. and is provided for reference only. ID card), when a patient get services from a provider in any other state than his homeplan, claim is submited to the BCBS plan of state where services were rendered not to the pt. homeplan direct. and f-up of claims could be done with local BCBS unit but eligibilty and benefits information is provided by homeplan and one can call Blue-Card no. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan E. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit, MI A nonprofit corporation and independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Use of this card is subject to terms of applicable contracts, conditions and user agreements. BCBSM assumes no financial risk on ASC claims. Sample BCBS prefix list We cant decide Blue cross Blue shield members state just by first alpha prefix. Also its not a sequential order hence its hard to find unless we check with first 3 alpha prefix. Use search function and put your comment any alpha prefix not found here. Prefix Plan Name AAA BCBS of Alabama AAB BCBS of Michigan AAC. The prefixes identify the member's BCBS prefix list plan or national and become essential when claims for In plan-specific alpha prefixes, the first two characters denote a given plan, while the third character identifies the product type chosen by the member, explains the BCBS of Texas. Ready Reference Guide UPDATE Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Ohio Ohio (Local) Anthem Products Eligibility,Benefits, Claim Status, Claim Line Item Details and Member certificates. Links to Secure and remits Anthem BCBS PO Box Atlanta, GA Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I work in the Franklin TN office and have been on the BCBS TN team for a little over a year now, the ID’s for Tennessee can have various 3 letter alpha prefixes but almost always are followed by 9-digits we leave the alpha prefix off when the Member’s ID in Image1 unless they are a BlueCare or “Medicaid” plan member which always incluced the letter M before the. BCBS Alpha Prefix List Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies BCBS Phone Numbers; BAA: Anthem: BAB: Unassigned Prefix: BAC: Carefirst Administrators: BAD.

    In this health insurance plan, alpha prefix is assigned to national accounts. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Conversely, the account-specific alpha prefixes assigned to national accounts have their characters associated with the group name of the employer. I hope this helps you out for your list. All people who have BCBS health insurance policy have to make copies of their ID front and back and keep such records on hand. Newer Post Older Post Home. CPT code and description - General health panel This panel must include the following: Comprehensive metabolic panel , In general, this prefix is mainly used to confirm the eligibility of the member and coverage information. I have to say your list has been very, very helpful and handy when trying to verify insurances thru blue card line , etc. You have to avoid this idea when you have geared up for successfully using the health insurance plan. You may have invested in the account specific alpha prefix health insurance plan from BSBS at this time. If you are aware about the bcbs alpha prefix of your health insurance, then you can get the desired support on time for claiming the insurance.

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