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    Jun 14,  · a doctor’s note that you have a health problem, and there is a good chance that you can avoid jury duty. This is especially true if you have what might be considered a mental illness. able to show that you are unable to meet the obligations of jury duty can be a great way to get out of jury duty. Sep 28,  · I got a jury duty summons for 9/ I have surgery 9/ Do you think I can get out of jury duty for medical reasons? I was already summoned in May. I . Although you may want to undertake your civic duty, called to serve on a jury can at an inconvenient time in your life. Therefore, you may need to find a sure way to get excused from jury duty. There are some solid steps that you can take if you have a real need to be excused from on a jury . Knee Replacement Surgery. the Cass - Knee Replacement Surgery. Selected Illinois Verdicts and Settlements. $, Verdict (Cook County): F claimed that defendant utilized an improper knee replacement procedure given her rheumatoid arthritis and flexion contracture, and failed to appropriately balance the medial and lateral collateral ligaments intraoperatively. Jul 30,  · OK guys why do you want to get out of Jury duty. This is a free country and we should want to serve. back to KNEE issues--since my doc agrees with me that this is not the time for jury service and he sent me an excuse, I am to file it and expect to be excused at this time because of my knee replacement. Motherofmany graduate. Joined. Jul 29,  · I got called to jury duty last month and my doc wrote a note that I could not do itcould not sit for hours a trial. Today I got a note that says I have to be available for jury duty from Sept to March. Now, when can I sit for up to three hours without the knee I still remember the ache from the one hour car trip.

    If you are intentionally trying to get excused and just making up an excuse, the judge can actually hold you in contempt of court. Very sad. Moving is so much easier than sitting or standing for me. So, If there is a trial, I can shift around and stand up when I need to do so? He also attended Brunel University, London. Latest: Pumpkln 59 minutes ago. If you are wondering how to avoid serving on a jury, here are some of the best ways to get out of jury duty:. Tell him you feel that juries should have the power to decide what true justice is, even if the law says otherwise. Accept Learn more As long as I am moving, I am fine. Yea that will do it However, if you sincerely feel that you cannot be impartial, you must inform the court and counsel of this fact. Log in.

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