Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. An honorific is generally used when referring to the person one is talking to one's interlocutor , or when referring to an unrelated third party in speech. For other uses, see Chan Chan disambiguation. It can be used by male teachers addressing their female students. Self uncredited. Japan Powered. Acta Americana. Wong Fei-Hung. Retrieved 25 August Within sports teams or among classmates , where the interlocutors approximately are of the same age or seniority, it can be acceptable to use family names without honorifics. Although the range of such suffixes that might be coined is limitless, some have gained such widespread usage that the boundary between established honorifics and wordplay has become a little blurred. Due to -san being gender-neutral and commonly used, it can be used to refer to any stranger or acquaintance whom one does not see as a friend.

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